Logging In

Your practitioner will send you an invite via email to the Client Portal. Upon receiving this email, you will be able to log into the Client Portal. After creating your account, you can log into the Client Portal at any time by navigating to the Client Portal URL.

Please note: In order to log in to the Client Portal for the first time, you will need to click the link provided in the email invite from your practitioner.

1. Click Create Account.


2. Enter your account information. 

  • Some of your account information may already be pre-populated. 


3. Type your preferred password in the Create Password field.

4. Click Sign In.

  • You will be redirected to the Client Portal in a new tab on your internet browser.


5. Enter your Email and Password.

6. Click Log in.


Logging in with Two-Factor Authentication


7. For added security, you'll be asked to send a six-digit code to your account email or phone number to authenticate. Choose one method to receive the code.

  • To learn how to send codes to your phone number, click here.
  • Once you login, you can opt for the device to be remembered, so you don't have to authenticate every time within a 30 day window!

8. Enter the code you received in the digit field.

Please note: You can opt for Client Portal to remember your device for 30 days, so you don't have to do this authentication process during that time period. After 30 days, you'll need to re-authenticate. You will also need to re-authenticate if you login on a different device.

9. Click Next to enter your account.