Upload requirements

Max file size: Files cannot exceed 4.999342 GB.
Folders must be zipped or compressed. Unzipped folders cannot be uploaded to Canopy.
To Zip or Compress a folder, right-click on the folder and select the option to Zip or Compress from the popout menu. Upload the new zipped or compressed folder to Canopy.

The Client Portal allows you to upload files from your computer to Canopy so that they can be easily accessed by you and your practitioner. Once uploaded, your accountant will receive a notification to let them know a new file has been added. Files can be uploaded with just a few clicks, or by dragging and dropping the files you want to upload. To get started, log in to the Client Portal.

1. Click the Files tab.

2. Click Add a File.

  • A new file explorer or finder screen will pop up for you to search through your computer's files.

3. Select the file on your computer you wish to upload and click Open to upload it.

  • Hold Shift and Click to select all of the files between your first and second click.
  • Hold Control and Click to select multiple, non-sequential files.
  • You can also select entire folders, as needed.

4. Alternatively, you can drag and drop files into the file location to upload them.

5. In the provided text-box, input a file name.

6. Click Save.

Rename or Delete an Uploaded File

After you've uploaded a file, a 10 minute timer is displayed next to the newly uploaded file. Clients have 10 minutes to rename or delete a file. After 10 minutes have passed, you will need to contact your accountant to make any changes. This feature is meant to eliminate confusion for your accountant and help them to more quickly and accurately address your files.

1. Locate the recently uploaded file in your files list.

2. Click the inline Rename button to edit the file name.

  • If you do not see this option, you may need to reload the web page. Otherwise, the 10 minute window may have passed.

3. Input a new name in the provided text box.

4. Click Save.

  • Please note, the timer will not reset. It is based on the time of the original upload.

5. Click on the in-line Trash icon to delete the file.