Navigating the Client Portal on Mobile

Once you have set up your preferences in the first login experience, you will be taken to the Home page of the app.

1. The Home page lets you see all of your accountant's contact information, tasks that have been requested by your accountant, and any recent files uploaded by you or your accountant.

  • Click on any To Do or Recent Files to view them in the Client Portal app.

2. Click the Settings icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.


  • Here you can:
    • Update your Passcode.
    • Toggle Face ID on and off.
    • Toggle Notifications on and off.
    • Send App Feedback to developers.
    • Log out.


3. The To-Do tab lets you see all tasks that have been sent by your accountant for you to complete.


  • Click on a To-do task to view more details.
  • On the Task screen, you can perform several operations: 
  • Click Add file to upload a file to your accountant. 
  • Click Add a comment to communicate back and forth with your accountant.
  • Click Mark as complete to remove the task from your To Do list.
  • Complete an eSign request.
  • Click Show completed tasks/Hide completed tasks to toggle archived tasks on and off.


4. The Files tab is where you can view any files you or your accountant have uploaded to Canopy.

  • Click on a file to see a preview of it. 
  • Some file types are not supported in the Canopy Client Portal. If the file cannot be previewed, you will have the option to Export the file to a compatible app on your device.


  • Click Add a File to upload a new file to the Canopy Client Portal
  • Click Scan a document to scan a document into the mobile app.
  • Click Add from photos to upload an existing photo from your device.
  • Click Upload from files to to upload an existing file from your device.


5. The Billing tab lets you see any outstanding balances from your accountant, view payment history, and review current and archived invoices.


  • Click Payment history to see past payments made.
  • Click on a current payment item to view the invoice for that service.
  • Click Make a payment to see your accountant's specific billing instructions.