Make a Payment on Mobile

The Client Portal App billing tab allows clients to:
  • Review outstanding balances
  • Manage current invoices
  • View payment history
  • Make payments toward balances

1. In the Client Portal app, navigate to the Billing section to see your outstanding balance and current invoices.


2. Tap Make a payment.

  • Tap an individual Invoice to view and pay that invoice.
  • Select the Payments tab to see a list of all previously made payments.


  • If the firm is not enrolled in Canopy payments, your practitioner's billing information pops up. Contact them directly to make a payment.

3. Select which invoices you want to pay.

  • To make a partial payment for an invoice, change the number in that invoice's Amount to pay box.


4. Tap Continue.


5. Select which payment method to use.

  • You can also add other payment methods (credit cards or ACH).


6. Tap Submit Payment to pay your selected invoices.


7. Tap Done to close the confirmation screen.