Make a payment on Mobile

The billing tab in the Canopy Client Mobile App allows users to view an outstanding balance, manage current and archived invoices, view their payment history, and make a payment towards their balance. To get started, navigate to the Billing tab in the Client Portal app.

1. View all current invoices on the Invoices tab.

  • You can tap an individual Invoice to view and pay that invoice.
  • You can also select the Payment history tab to see a list of all previously made payments.

2. Tap Make a Payment.


  • If your practitioner has not enrolled in Canopy payments, you will see a dialogue box containing your practitioner's billing information.


3. Select which invoices you want to pay.

  • If you would like to make a partial payment for an invoice, change the number in that invoice's Amount to pay box.
    • Sometimes, you have to tap and hold in order to edit the Amount to pay box.


4. Tap Continue.


5. Select which payment method to use.

  • You can only select from payment methods that are already added to your client portal.


6. Tap Submit Payment to pay your selected invoices.


7. Tap Done to close the confirmation screen.