Make a Payment

You can pay any outstanding invoices to your accountant through the client portal. When an invoice is sent to you, it will be visible in the Billing section of your client portal. If your accountant has enrolled in Canopy Payments, you will be able to make full or partial payments on any invoice from directly within the client portal. If your accountant is not enrolled in Canopy Payments, you will only be able to view your invoices in the client portal. If you would like to make payments in the client portal but your accountant has not enrolled in Canopy Payments, reach out to your accountant and ask them to enroll to make your life easier. To get started with making a payment, log in to your Client Portal.

1. Navigate to the Billing section using the left-side column.


2. Select an Invoice to pay. Alternatively, you can click Make a payment.

  • After selecting the appropriate invoice, you will need to click Make a payment at the bottom of the invoice.


3. Select each outstanding invoice you wish to apply a payment to by clicking the in-line checkbox.


4. Input a new number into an invoice's provided payment amount box to make a partial payment.


5. Confirm the Total Payment amount and click Continue. 


6. Change the Payment date to change when your payment will be applied to your account.


7. Select a Payment method for your payment.


  • Your default payment method will be automatically selected and is indicated by a star.
  • You can add a new payment method by clicking Use another payment method.


8. Click Continue.


9. Verify your payment information is correct and click Confirm and pay.


Make an Account Payment

You can make a payment to your accountant without an invoice. These payments are called account payments, but you may hear them referred to as retainers, pre-payments, or payments without an invoice. Typically, account payments would be made when you want to pre-pay for a service, or if you want to make a payment towards your account but would prefer your accountant decide where that payment is allocated. This section will show you how to make an account payment.

1. Navigate to the Billing section using the navigation bar.

2. Click Make a payment.

3. Deselect any outstanding invoices. 

  • It is usually advisable to make your payment towards an outstanding invoice.

4. In the Account Payment box, enter the amount you wish to pay towards your account.

5. Click Continue.

6. Select a payment method to make the payment with.

7. Click Continue.

8. Verify the payment information and click Confirm and pay.

9. Click Done to return to the portal.