Log in to the Client Portal Mobile App

To start using the Client Portal, you need to download the Client Portal app. Search for "Canopy Client Portal" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Your accountant will send you an invite via email to join the Client Portal. Upon receiving this email, you will need to create a Canopy account. 

1. Click Create account in the email invitation from your practitioner.


2. Fill out the required information:

  • Full Name
  • Create password
  • Confirm password

3. Click the checkbox to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


4. Navigate to the Client Portal app on your device and enter your login credentials.


5. Tap Sign in.


6.  A verification screen will populate.


7.  Return to your email and find the Client Portal Login Verification email and copy/jot down the code.


8.  Return to the verification screen on the app and paste/enter the code in the field.


You can select Remember this device for 30 days to avoid the verification process for the next month.

After setting up your account, add your phone number to your 2FA (two-factor authentication) settings for a smoother verification process in the future.

When you log into the Client Portal for the first time, you need to walk through a few steps to set basic preferences in the app. To begin, click Get Started.


1. Specify whether or not you want to receive notifications from the Client Portal app.


2. Choose a four-digit passcode. This will be used to verify your identity each time you log into the Client Portal.


  • Enter the passcode a second time to confirm. 


3. Choose whether you would like to enable biometric login when you log in.

  • Your biometric options will change depending on your phone's access to fingerprint or facial recognition technology.
  • Change all these preferences at a later time in the Settings section of the app.