Log in to Different Accounts

When switching between accounting firms who use Canopy, you are able to retain the same login information for the client portal. As long as the previous firm has not revoked access to the client portal, you will be able to access all of your documents from the previous firm as well as the documents and information for your new firm. To get started, log in to the Client Portal.

1. Click on the dropdown menu in the popup box.

  • The popup box will only be visible when logging in from the standard Client Portal.
  • If you login from your accountant's custom URL, you will go directly to their firm's client portal.


2. Select the relevant firm.


3. Click Go.

  • The client portal will open to the account associated with the selected firm.

Switch accounts on the Client Portal

If you are logged in to the incorrect firm in the client portal, you can easily change to the appropriate firm. To get started, ensure that you are logged in to the client portal.

1. Click on your Profile Name in the bottom-left.


2. Select Switch Firm from the dropdown menu.


3. Click on a relevant firm to switch to.

  • The client portal will load in the selected firm.