Complete a Client Survey

Your practitioner may send you a Client Survey to help speed up some necessary data collection. Client Surveys can be accessed via the To-do list on your client portal and are identified by an icon depicting a clipboard with a checkmark on it. To get started, log in to your Client Portal.

1. Click on the To-do tab.


2. Locate a Client Survey. Surveys are indicated by an icon depicting a clipboard with a checkmark.

3. Read any instructions provided by your accountant and click Open Survey.

4. Complete the information fields on the page and click Next section to continue the survey.

5. Continue filling out fields in each section:

  • Sections are listed in the Progress box to help you understand how much you have left to complete. Sections include: Personal profile, Personal Assets, Income and Expenses, and Miscellaneous items.

6. Click Submit to Practitioner.

  • If you have left any other sections blank, you will be prompted to finish them before submitting your survey.
  • If applicable, click skip these actions.

  • The You're all donescreen will load once your survey has been sent.