Complete a Client Request

Any client requests sent by your accountant can be completed from within the Client Portal. Client requests are often sent so that you an upload documents or provide quick information for your accountant. All client requests will show up on your To-do list and are indicated by a clipboard icon. 
To get started completing a client request, log in to the Client Portal.

1. Navigate to your To-do list on the left-side column.


2. Select a Client Request from the To-do list. Client requests are represented by a clipboard icon.

3. Review any notes or instructions provided by your accountant.

4. Type a comment to respond to your accountant.

5. Click on the Paperclip icon to upload a file with your comment.

6. To send your response to your accountant, click on the Send icon, depicted by a paper airplane.

7. Once you have completed the client request, be sure to click on the checkbox to Mark as complete