Complete a Client Organizer

If you are filing taxes with your practitioner, you may receive a special survey called an Organizer. Organizers are visible on your To-do list and are indicated by a paper and pencil icon.  
You will also receive an email from your accountant to begin filling out the Organizer within the client portal when they send it to you. To get started, log in to your Client Portal.

1. Select the To-do list tab.


2. Select a relevant Organizer on the to-do list.

3. Read through the instructions and gather the needed materials. Click Open Organizer.

4. Check any required boxes and fill out all required information on the organizer. Click Next section to proceed to the next section of the organizer.

5. Complete each section of the Organizer and view your progress in the Progress box.

6. When finished, click Submit.